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Andreia Duarte


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Artist, curator and artistic director. She lived for five years in the Xingu Indigenous Park with the Kamayura people (MT) and since then has worked as a supporter of the indigenous cause, completing 20 years of artistic, cultural, educational and academic research accomplishments. Master in Art from the Federal University of Minas Gerais - School of Fine Arts (EBA), she holds a PhD in Theater from the University of São Paulo - School of Art and Communication (ECA), with research on art, theater, body, anti-coloniality and indigenous peoples.  She has published articles in different contexts, such as "Indigenous peoples and the theatre, a possibility of reinventing life" in Harvard Review of Latin America (2020), "Silence of the World" and "Scenic Experiment Script" in The Drama Review, New York University, "The silence of the world + The ephemerality of The silence of the world" (Corpo Futuro 2020 and 2021), "Before time exists" in the book Policies of the contemporary scene: communities and contexts" (HUCITEC 2023) among others. She organized the book "Moroneta Kamayura - Histórias Kamayura" (2013 - Literaterras UFMG), the book "Theatre and the indigenous peoples - Open Windows for the possibility" alongside Naine Terena (2020, publisher N-1) and is organizing the book " Long history of denial" with indigenous leader Ailton Krenak by Cia das Letras and Itaú Cultural (Rumos). For five years she was Coordinator of the Reflexive and Pedagogical Axes of MITsp - São Paulo International Theater Festival. She was the curator of the Anticolonial Perspectives Seminar at MITsp together with Christine Greiner (PUC) and José Fernando Azevedo (EAD/USP) and the curator of the Belo Horizonte International Theater Festival (FIT/BH 2022) together with Marcos Alexandre (UFMG) and Yara de Novaes. Founder and director of Outra Margem, where she organizes an annual program with artistic and educational actions,  and also publications alongside a team of artists, managers and scholars in the field of art. Focusing on actions that consider collective methods, tackle colonial challenges and value different forms of existence, the Outra Margem carries out projects such as: the TePI Artistic Exhibition - Theater and indigenous peoples in a co-curatorship with Ailton Krenak (2018 - 2023 ), the bilingual platform TePI.Digital, the lecture-performance "The silence of the world" with Andreia and Ailton Krenak on stage (2019), the spectacle "Antes do Tempo Existir" co-created with artists Jaider Esbell, Denilson Baniwa, Zahy  Tentehar, Lilly Baniwa (2022 debut), the direction of the event "Kopenawa Effect:  tribute to his life and work" (SESC / 2023), the participation of the Programming WG of the Museum of Indigenous Cultures of the State of São Paulo in the creation of conceptual projects exhibitions alongside indigenous curators (Instituto Maracá and MCI), the !PULSA! Insurgent Art Movement (partnership with the Instituto Olhares). And also projection and painting on buildings, street intervention, book publishing, curatorships, artistic exhibition, art and education platforms.

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