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The !PULSE! emerges as an insurgent art movement in different languages that intends to promote artistic actions that act in an anti-colonial perspective - indigenous, black, peripheral, cultural bodies, queers, feminists, artists.  With extensive experience in organizing artistic events,  the directors and creators Andreia Duarte and Guilherme Marques propose !PULSA! in decentralized regions and cities in Brazil's countryside, as a way of horizontalizing the democratization of access and public formation.   There is still the intention to encourage learning through meetings, fairs, debates, courses and pedagogical exchanges, extending thinking about the influence of the arts in social formation and in the creative economy, allowing an engaged formation of the audience, as well as educating young artists from different regions.



The !PULSE! Insurgent Art Movement is designed based on the following Curatorial Axes: 


ARTISTIC FEMINISM:women from different generations, backgrounds and collectives who bring their critical voice about the place that the feminine historically occupies in society.


ANTICOLONIAL BLACKNESS: questioning about structural racism, discussing proposals for overcoming racial violence, setting guidelines for social, educational, and institutional responsibility.


TRANS-CHANGE LIVES: space for reflection around the rigid social constructions that discriminate the lives of people who are in standards other than cisnormativity.  


INDIGENOUS ART: questioning about the anthropocene that places man at the center of the world, bringing through art and indigenous presence thoughts that engage the well-being of all life on the planet.  


PERIPHERAL COLLECTIVES: leaders, organizations, and artist representatives reflect on the notion of periphery, taking into account the social, economic, geographic, and artistic relations of each region and city.

Produced by: Olhares Institute e Outra Margem

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