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building painting with Denilson Baniwa’s self-portrait


The work "Self-portrait", by Denilson Baniwa, was painted by the artist Dinas Miguel in a gable of incredible 30 meters high, in the Rosemarie Building Condominium, located in São Paulo's downtown heart.

The painting is viewed from the Minhocão viaduct and integrates the giant urban collection of São Paulo's Street Art Museum - MAR, the largest open-air museum in the world.

Denilson Baniwa was born in Mariuá, Rio Negro, Amazonas. He is a visual artist and communicator who carries out his artistic processes from the Amazon Indigenous Movement and the transit in the non-indigenous universe. Baniwa, in its contemporary trajectory, consolidates himself as a reference, breaking paradigms and opening paths to the protagonism of indigenous peoples in the national territory.

Dinas Miguel is the creator and organizer of the social project "Culture and Concept" and winner of the Sabotage Hip-Hop Award in the category best graffiti artist in 2018. He performs collective graffiti workshops, live paintings at events, acts as an art educator in various projects and is a militant of the indigenous cause, having already performed several works with indigenous peoples.



Outra Margem e Municipal Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo through the MAR project (Street Art Museum)


Denilson Baniwa


Dinas Miguel


Cadu Batista

Thiago Coqueiro


Luna Rosa Recaldes, Rafa Campos, Tati Nunes,

Victor Gally and Will Zimolo


Thiago Carvalho


R. Gen. Júlio Marcondes Salgado, 89

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