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MARCH 09, 2023

Lecture: ''The insertion and production of indigenous artists in the Brazilian field of performing arts
With Lilly Baniwa and Luna Recaldes

Sesc Rio de Janeiro


MARCH 09, 2023

Lecture: ''The insertion and production of indigenous artists in the Brazilian field of performing arts
With Lilly Baniwa and Luna Recaldes

Sesc Rio de Janeiro


MARCH 09, 2023

Lecture: ''The insertion and production of indigenous artists in the Brazilian field of performing arts
With Lilly Baniwa and Luna Recaldes

Sesc Rio de Janeiro


MARCH 09, 2023

Lecture: ''The insertion and production of indigenous artists in the Brazilian field of performing arts
With Lilly Baniwa and Luna Recaldes

Sesc Rio de Janeiro

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MARCH 09, 2023

Lecture: ''The insertion and production of indigenous artists in the Brazilian field of performing arts
With Lilly Baniwa and Luna Recaldes

Sesc Rio de Janeiro

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October 15, 2022

With Sandra Benites, Xadalu Tupã Jekupé and Andreia Duarte.


MIAC - International Contemporary Art Exhibition arises in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, to integrate various artistic languages, especially music, visual arts and performing arts. The show integrates the movement of artists dedicated to aesthetic research with proposed multidisciplinary dialogues, based on the debate about identity and future through art.

click here for more information

Mundu Rodá

May 31, 2022

HILEIA: Manifesto of the Margins and Other Screams - Mundu Rodá 22 years old


Lecture THEATER AND THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE: For a Reinvention of Life

In this conversation Andreia Duarte talks essentially about the relationships of otherness in art, the dialogues and exchanges between indigenous and non-indigenous people, rhythmic reciprocity with the planet and about creation as a place of opportunity and dream.
Also developing crossings between the perception of one's own body and the indigenous body, based on a practice and research inserted in the anti-colonial field and working directly with artist partners and indigenous leaders.

At CASA MUNDU RODÁ (106 Southey Street - Ipiranga - São Paulo)

Inspirar Espiral

April 26, 2022

Inspire – Spiral, lives in Theater and Culture Management and Production


With the proposal to promote reflections and update the cultural scene in Amazonas, the Laboratory of Scenic Listening of the University of the State of Amazonas ( LEC/UEA ) promotes a cycle of lives on Management and Theater Production.

On Youtube of the State University of Amazonas

 watch here 


March 14, 2022

TePI Platform with Ailton Krenak and Andreia Duarte Mediation: Ricardo Cabral


A conversation between the two allies, creators of TePI - Teatro and indigenous peoples, indigenous leader Ailton Krenak and artist Andreia Duarte. A chat about the creation of TePI, reflecting on its path, based on indigenous artistic production, on the ecological political meanings emanating from the works presented and on the necessary understanding of the common place that is planet earth, a plural space of all existences.

International Art and Ecology Seminar on the website:

 watch here 


December 14, 2021

“Memory is not in us, we are the ones who move in a memory-Being, in a memory-world”. (Deleuze)

We are currently immersed not only in a global pandemic, but also in immense political and social crises. How to perceive the other as a possibility of oneself?

In contrast to the present, Memorabilia brings voices and bodies that point to a “possible utopia”: the reorganization of the world through the reinvention of the human.

Meetings to talk about a future on the website

 watch here 

Teatralidades e Povos Indígenas

November 26, 2021

Table Theatricalities and Indigenous Peoples

The singularities of the ways of artistic expression of indigenous peoples of Latin America are the subject of debate between the philosopher and indigenous leader Ailton Krenak and the playwright, director and researcher of Mapuche origin Paula González Seguil Andreia Duarte, co-curator and creator of the TePI Platform. They talk about the material and symbolic wealth of peoples, manifested in their rites and technologies. They also bring urgent topics to the meeting – such as human rights violations, struggle for land, environmental devastation – and their consequences in the scenic demonstrations.


   watch here 


November 22, 2021

IX International Scenic Colloquium of Bahia - CICBAHIA 2021

13th Latin American Theater Festival of Bahia



Conversation with Andreia Duarte (SP), Dodi Leal (SP), Ivani Santana (BA) and Any Luz (COLOMBIA) 

​Mediator:  Leonardo Sebiani (BA)

festival website  

Políticas da Destruição

November 08, 2021

POLICIES OF DESTRUCTION, POETICS OF RESISTANCE: Is there still time to postpone the end of the world?

Faced with the urgent environmental crisis that we are going through, the São Paulo International Theater Show invites thinkers, politicians and artists to discuss this issue. Roundtable with Eliane Brum, Ailton Krenak, Gerald Häfner and Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, mediated by Andreia Duarte.

On the Platform

 watch here  (registration required to access content)

FETO experiências em cena

October 30, 2021

In the schedule of FETO Theater Student Theater Festival 2021

happens o  webnário - Theater and indigenous peoples, experiences on stage.

Guests Zahy Guajajara and Lilly Baniwa talk about their experiences as stage artists, the paths that brought them to theater and the creative processes with indigenous and non-indigenous partners.

On the FETO Teatro Youtube channel:


 watch here 

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October 22, 2021

In the program of the 18th Body Arts Academic Week at PUC SP: Plurality of Bodies on Stage, Andreia Duarte will participate in the panel "Performativity and Environmental Struggle". A conversation with Yara Costa, mediated by Samira Brandão, about the role of artistic creation and performance processes in the resistance struggle led by indigenous peoples and environmental activists against the forces of latifundium and capitalist exploitation of the environment.

On the Youtube channel Artes do Corpo PUC

watch here

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September 06, 2021

The opening lecture of the 10th Ongoing Research Seminar (SPA) will be given by indigenous leader Ailton Krenak with the theme "Went blank in Art?". The dialogue will be mediated by the artist and researcher Andreia Duarte, on September 6 at 10 am.


To attend this lecture and several other actions of the seminar, in addition to receiving a certificate of participation, simply register at the link, with a participation fee of R$30:

The lectures and artistic presentations will also be shown, free of charge, on the SPA channel on YouTube. 



September 5, 2021

 One of the subjects of this Sunday's CBN Magazine (05) is the Kuarup ritual. To talk about him, Petria Chaves welcomes actress, curator and artistic director Andreia Duarte (@andreiaduartedefigueiredo). She lived in the Xingu Indigenous Park for five years with the Kamayura people and, since then, has worked as an ally of the indigenous peoples, completing 20 years of accomplishments.

You can follow live through the radio or CBN app. Other options, with images, are the radio's website, Twitter and Youtube or Globoplay. Afterwards, the conversation is still available in full on CBN's digital platforms.

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July 27, 2021

A collection of weekly publication with texts by authors from various regions of Brazil, Chile and Ecuador addressing the relationship between theater and indigenous peoples.


An aesthetic and political project that seeks the recognition of the indigenous people in the essentiality of their existence. A content that unites the thought and practice of theatrical making and the diversity and uniqueness of the experiences of indigenous artists.

Available on the website of n-1 edições and Outra Margem.

access here

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July 25, 2021

Dancer, choreographer, director, and teacher, Dudude Herrmann invites Andreia Duarte for an afternoon of conversation about art as deviation.

Information and registration on the Instagram channel @coisasdedudude.

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June 1, 2021

Naine Terena and Andreia Duarte will teach the distance learning course “Between the Black Box and the White Cube: Perspective of Scenography and Expography in Brazil”, from Itaú Cultural

The course introduces students to the different fields of scenography and expography, covering historical, practical and reflective aspects. Classes will also be permeated with the sharing of experiences of professionals working in different contexts of the national scene. On June 1, 2021, from 7pm to 9pm, Naine Terena and Andreia Duarte present the class “Perspectives: indigenous art”, raising a debate about other cosmovisions from indigenous artistic production and its different languages, means of production and relationship with the institutions.
The class will be recorded and the access link will be made available soon here.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-24 at

april 28, 2021

"Olhar da onça" (The eye of the jaguar) is part of the ATL - Camp Terra Livre 2021 program

The exhibition will be on April 28th, at 7pm, on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram channels of APIB - Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, which is the organizer of ATL. The complete program can be accessed at:

The eye of the jaguar. - The projected forest is a poetic visual work that brings the perspective of the forest on the city, through the voice and the artistic work of several indigenous leaders and artists, such as Denilson Baniwa, Daiara Tukano, Brisa Flow, Nelson D, Renata Tupinambá, Gustavo Caboco, Sonia Guajaraja, Ailton Krenak, among many others.  To know more visit the project page.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-20 at

april 23, 2021

Andreia Duarte and Ailton Krenak participate in a chat promoted by CIRC - Center for Interchange and Cultural Reference, in Belo Horizonte.

The scenic experiment “The silence of the world” is a play created by the indigenous leader Ailton Krenak and the performer Andreia Duarte, which had its first performance during the 27th Porto Alegre Em Cena - International Festival of Performing Arts. In the chat, Ailton and Andreia will talk about how the creative process took place, the dramaturgical construction and how they think about the continuity of this work!


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