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Indigenous Theatre - How do indigenous artists think and conceive their theatrical spaces?

Invited by the Audiovisual Production Center of Sesc São Paulo, Outra Margem made a video interview with indigenous artists and thinkers about the theme: "Indigenous Theater - How do indigenous artists think and conceive their theatrical spaces? With direction and script by Andreia Duarte, the video had the participation of the artists: Denilson Baniwa (@denilsonbaniwa), Juão Nyn (@juaonyn), Lilly Baniwa (@lillybaniwa) and Zahy Tentehar (@zahytentehar). 


The video will be presented at ITEAC 2023 - International Theatre Engineering & Architecture Conference, a conference discussing theatre practice and space, based in England and broadcast online to over 100 countries, in September 2023.




Direction and script

Andreia Duarte 


Production Assistant

Isadora Fávero 


Financial management

Josi Geller



Outra Margem




Before Time Existed - Direction Andreia Duarte (Outra Margem)

Aikué - Direction: Mariana Villas- Bôas | Acting Zahy Tentehar

Pajé Onça at Avenue Paulista - Collection Denilson Baniwa

Contra Xawara - Direction, dramaturgy and acting Juão Nyn

Lithipokoroda - Direction Lilly Baniwa

Kopenawa Effect - Direction Andreia Duarte - Sesc Vila Mariana

Karaiw aè wá - The Civilized - Creation and Direction: Zahy Tentehar, Daniel Wierman, Marcelo Hallit and Philipp Lavra



Reset Brasil - Estopô Balaio Group - SESC Collection

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